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The Viral Pakistani You Tubers 2017

The Viral Pakistani You Tubers 2017

You Tube is like a magical wonderland and You Tubers are the wizards owning this remarkable site. From comedians to gamers to beauty vloggers, You Tube is being reigned by billions of  You Tubers. While, the west is under the captivating spell of the Pauls and PewDiePie while here in Pakistan, people like Zaid Ali and Rahim Pardesi have officially taken over. Here is a list of some viral Pakistani You Tubers:


Zaid Ali T

Zaid needs no introduction. He is a Pakistani born, Canadian You tuber. His video are quiet popular in Pakistan as well as India. Zaid started making You Tube videos back in 2011. He rose to fame with his “Pillow Prank”. Since then he has made many viral videos which are loved and shared by his fans. Zaid’s videos not only involve the comedy factor but are also reality based. Zaid’s mother also made several appearances in his videos. In most of the videos, Zaid Ali is seen wearing a dupatta and playing the role of Maryum. Through this character Zaid mimics desi girls. His mimicry is loved and appreciated by the desi audience. Zaid Ali also makes vlogs giving his fans an inside look to his daily life. His daily vlogs like his funny videos are also quiet a hit. Recently, Zaid Ali tied knot with the charming Yumna. Mr. and Mrs. Zaid made their first vlog which has 1.8 million views.


sham idress

With 975K subscribers on his main channel, Sham Idrees is second on the list. Like Zaid, Sham also came to fame with his vines. Other than making comic videos on You tube Sham is also an actor, singer and song writer. His famous hits include “bolo Na”, “London 2 Paris” and “ Tu Bewafa”. Sham’s videos have lost the charm they once had. Lately, Sham introduced a character FAZAL-UD-DIN, which to be honest was not upto the mark. Sham’s daily vlogs with his friends are also a hype among the audience. He has more than 800K subscribers on his vlog channel.


rahim pardesi

Rahim has more than 675K subscribers on his You Tube channel. He started making videos back in 2016. Rahim makes comical videos on You Tube. His videos are about a desi woman, Nasreen and her hilarious ventures. Rahim’s You Tube channel is a one man army. He plays Nasreen and her husband. In some videos, Rahim’s dad and his close friends have also made appearances.


karachi vynz

Karachi Vynz started making videos back in 2014. They have 221K subscribers on their You Tube channel. Their motive is to spread smiles and make people laugh. Their videos are innovative and so much related to our indigenous culture that they represent and feel value of. Their videos are not only hilarious but also possess a moral. The Karachi Vynz team consists of: Mansoor Qureshi, Daniyal Sheikh, Asim Nazeer, M.Shahbaz, Salman and Hamza.


khujlee family

Khujlee Family prior known as Khujlee vines is another You Tube channel run by Raza Samo and Haseeb. They have over 226K subscribers. Khujlee family videos will never fail to give you a good laugh. Awsomo Speaks is a jokey segment hosted by Raja Samo where he talks about the trending topics. This You Tube channel is loved by many.


Mooroo’s real name is Taimoor Salahuddin. Mooroo’s You Tube channel has over 153K subscribers. His comical videos are not preposterous but also have a lesson behind them. He produces moralistic videos which are fun to watch for people. Famous celebrities like: Anum Aqeel, Mira Sethi, Amina Sheikh and Ali Gul Pir have also made appearance in his videos.


danish ali

Danish is a Standup comedian and a Youtuber. He is a doctor by profession. Danish’s videos will always give you a good laugh. He has got more than 54K subscribers on You Tube. As soon as, Danish uploads a video, it becomes top in the trending bar, within seconds.

If you want to add something to the list, feel free to comment below!

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