It is said that, “Divorce is like death, without burial.”


It is said that, “Divorce is like death, without burial.”

Women are strengthened by the assistance of ethnical society. Now-a-days, Neither the men are
thinking about the strengthening of their relationships, nor the women are consciously perceiving their auspicious relationships. The key fact to remember, myriad divorces are being seen on the daily basis.

There is huge amount of reasons behind it so, several surveys and independent researchers have found a precipitous rise in the number of couple coming to courts or using some other means to get separation or  divorced. According to the data, 13,299 Kula cases were reported in the Punjab province in 2012; the number later rose to 14,243 in 2013, and in 2014, it went up to 16,942. In 2016 it soared to 18,901.Similarly, same are the cases with other provinces of Pakistan as well as A.J.K is becoming the victim ofthis scourge.

A decade ago, the average of divorces was not very high, but if we take analysis of past years we will find astoundingly, unexpected average of divorces in Pakistan. The trend is pretty much similar in all other major cities of country.

The problem of divorce is becoming speedy and an epidemic everywhere in the country, but often we ignore the underlying causes.There are countless reasons behind the curse of divorce including, but not limited to, lack of awareness,misconceptions of past life, lack of understanding and trust, hypersexuality, lack of forbearance, beingaway from Islamic education, superiority, inferiority, sharing personal matters with other, love marriage, financial walls and disrespect for social values. Let’s have a look at them briefly:

The first and the foremost, reason is lack of general awareness pertaining to marriage. Generally, parents having lack of perception about their children. They without knowing their knowledge as well as understanding about the married life indulge them in the relationship of marriage. Even without knowing their age barrier. Furthermore, they on the account of lack of awareness and age barrier create issues between them and usually the couple are unable to sustain their married life due to these issues and then consult to the lawyer for divorce. Past life is another factor mostly, people are emotional about their affection for their partner. They even do not want to listen anything malfeasance about their partner. So, when it happens that some people knowingly or unknowingly say something unexpected to them about their partner they cannot tolerate then they decide for separation, because of their emotional behavior they take this option of divorce.


Relationships are weakening on account of lack mutual understanding because now modernism brought us into the global village we neither spend time with family, nor with other member of the family whereas,we are busy on the cell phones, social media, online games, online chatting, online shopping, online business. We people are staying far from our family for a long period of time then some unexpected thoughts come and sometime these thoughts change into anxiety and then scolding to each other and so on and so forth.The severe reason is the “hypersexuality” that is prevalent in Pakistani youth very swiftly. In 2017, a survey found Pakistan at 4th place in terms of interest in porn as it revealed that almost 66 percent of boys in Pakistan start watching porn at the age of nine with an average of seven hours a week. Furthermore, 30 percent boys watch violent porn including, on an average, 25 rapes per week. Dishonorably, closely 4900 rapes. Moreover, “Pedophilia” and other unusual or unnatural sex addictions are being led by pornography.

In Pakistan, there is a gigantic number of people who are spending their life without knowing the basic conceptualization of Islam as well as the basic education of Islam. However, the responsible institutions are not paying their heed toward this burning issue. They seem fully failed to establish Islamic education in the society. Therefore, the numerous societal evils are spreading due to lack of their attention. It must be controlled otherwise, we are seeing the results sometimes its these realities are shown by print media, electronic media and social media as well.

Some experts opine that sometime it happens that the female make their image very high or superior in case of this male are thinking that they are dominant and superior so clashes are being happened to these misconceptions Gradually, the clashes change into the form of divorce. Another key fact to remember, Now-a-days youth is becoming very familiar with the other members of the daily life who are also not relatives as well as their colleagues. Even they don’t scare to share their
personal matters with them on account of this very problematic situation are growing. According to
Islamic education it is forbidden to share or discuss something private pertaining to life partner. Whereas,nobody takes it seriously and without any stoppage private matters are being discussed. This dilemma has been provoked in youth and becoming the causes of unexpected incidents.

Lastly, numerous religions in the world allow for the love marriage, because it is necessary to know about the person whom you are getting marry and going to spend your life till death. Furthermore, there are some other evils are also existing like girls are sensitive and emotional they easily get and accept proposal from body-sides her acceptance without knowing his background or other essential information about him is the main cause. Notwithstanding, most of the time girls are also flattering with boys they exchange lies to each other that is the vicious for this relation. In addition, this fake game Leeds them into the sinister situation after marriage. In the beginning, they do not think realistically, they do many promises to each other as well as for the everlasting trust, love, accompany but all these things are taken emotional not realistically or rationally, on account of love fancy, imaginations. As a result, after passing some of the few moths of their practical life they face many challenges of practical life, at that time it is realized by  them that they were in fancy before, practical life is very tough there we need to think practically not emotionally they need money so on and so forth. This major issue is also provoked.

In a net shall, these hidden facts must be addressed by the people very carefully the lack of awareness,misconceptions of past life, lack of understanding and trust, hypersexuality, lack of forbearance, being away from Islamic education, superiority, inferiority, sharing personal matters with other, love marriage, financial walls and disrespect for social values. If we are getting success to obliterate these evils from the society then it is somewhat possibility of reduction of curse of divorce.

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