RAMADAN Countless blessings

The Ramadan is a month in which the love of Allah plunges the Muslims and good deeds are rewarded 70% greater as compare to normal days. Ramadan is a month in which Allah tests the patience of inner self. This testing practice not only detoxify the filthiness of self but also act as a motivational force to help others who observe such kind of fast throughout years of his religious prospect the Muslims submit themselves to Allah in a way that symbolically they endanger their whole sustainability by abstaining from drinking, eating and from intercourse halts the production its progeny so it is an effort of Muslim Ummah to attain the will of Allah

Fast purifies individual acts of Muslim and urges him to worship Almighty Allah with immense devotion and selflessness. The Ramadan greatly contributes in reviving the true spirit and concept of unity of Muslim Ummah by uniting them at the time of   ‘Iftar’ throughout the world and also stimulates Muslims to become helping hands of needy ones. The Ramadan not only besieges Muslims with the blessing of Allah but also bring remarkable change in the daily routine of soam observing Muslim. It makes the individual observer to become more punctual, efficient, and result oriented by teaching him the art of time management.

The Ramadan also accompanies with it a great blessing of Allah ‘the night of power’ which has been certified as better as one thousand ordinary nights. The Ramadan has set pattern divided into three phases:

  1. The phase of blessedness
  2. The phase of repentance
  3. The phase of being away of hell.

It is dependent on us that we must observe Ramadan in its later and spirit as it demands us to submit ourselves in front of Allah with our pure hearts and with his fear and try to do as much as we could to mollify the grieves of our brothers and to spread the blessings of this month through celebrating it with those who are alone and dependent on others. We should utilize the month of Ramadan in a way that spread harmony, brotherhood, patience and mutual understanding. We witnessed another Ramadan our potential reflects how we gain blessings of God for this world and the world hereafter. May Allah shower his mercy upon all of you and enroll you in the list of his loved ones.

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Written by maria


Maria Haroon got influence to write her own thought after influence her best friend, A Professional Columnist. She started writing in a local newspaper and transform her writings into Blogs. She is connected to from a year ago. She is highly interested to Blog about Psychlogy, Beauty and Cooking. she is striving to write about current issues.

Eyes see the same, Minds perceive differently

Eyes see the same, Minds perceive differently