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These are Pakistan’s Top Social Media Trends in 2017

The year 2017 proved to be quite a memorable one for Pakistani social media. These are Pakistan’s Top Social Media Trends in 2017

Top Social Media Trends in 2017

Without further ado, lets get on with them.

Nawaz Sharif’s ‘Tumhen Kya’

Tumhen Kya became a popular trend over the social media following Nawaz Sharif’s acceptance that his assets do not match his sources of income. Well they do say that power corrupts but this was just next-level!


Main hoon Qadri’s Sunni Tan Tan Tana Tan

By now everyone’s well aware of the famous ‘Tan Tan Tana Tan’, aren’t you? 

This naat was sung by Zeeshan Qadri. Little did everyone know that it was going to become sensation since it was pretty catchy.


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Sharmeen Obaid and the AKU Doctor

Film maker Sharmeen Chinoy’s allegations of harassment also blew up over social media.

Her sister’s doctor at Agha Khan University Hospital, sent her a friend request on Facebook. Sharmeen complained about this and soon enough, her tweet sparked outrage over social media after the doctor was sacked by the administration reportedly.

Sharmeen Obaid and the AKU Doctor


Hania Amir Harassing a Random Stranger

Pakistani actress Hania Amir had to face the backlash when she ‘harassed’ a male passenger during a flight.Her own Snapchat video spectacularly backfired on her as social media.


The Zardari Dance

The former President showed the world some of his dance moves on the stage in PPP’s Golden Jubilee in Islamabad.


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Sahir Lodhi’s Sentimental Speech

Sahir Lodhi doesn’t leave any chance to be the talking point for millions of Pakistanis, does he?

Well true to form, he did it again. And again, he was shamed by Pakistanis over social media for over-reacting.


Kohli, Nahi Hota Tujhse Chase

The Champions Trophy final proved to be a nightmare for the Indian skipper Virat Kohli, and for multiple reasons. His team not only lost the game, but he also become the butt of jokes because of this one sentence ‘Kohli, Nahi Hota Tujhse Chase’. 

The phrase got everyone talking over the social media and it was HILARIOUS!


Mujhy Kyun Nikala

The sentimental ‘Mujhy Kyun Nikala‘  slogan has become famous after ex-PM Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from holding public office.

In fact, it was hard to find the original video of the speech where he said those infamous words. Whether it was intentional or not, his rant gave birth to the most popular slogan of 2017.


Abay Gaen Aa Rahi Hai Bhagti Hui

For some reason, this News reporter from Pakistan keeps coming into the limelight on Pakistani social media, and for hilarious reasons.

First he was at the center of the ‘Anday Wala Burger’ phenomenon. If that wasn’t rib-tickling enough, he landed himself in another memorable gaffe of sorts. During a news report, the reporter (or was his the cameraman?), got hit by a ‘Gaen’ (cow) really bad.


Ayesha Gulalai’s Allegations on Imran Khan

Ex-PTI member, Ayesha Gulalai tried to expose the chairman of her party for sexual harassment. As shocking as that was, however it didn’t go very well for the MNA as the move backfired and she had to face all sorts of criticism over social media.


Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor

The Pakistani actress (famous for her role in drama serial Humsafar) found herself at the center of a controversy.

She was blasted on social media over photos where she was seen smoking with the Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor in New York. Both her supporters and detractors had a field day with the latest social media controversy.

Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor


Boss Main Ny Apko Bola Kya

Not known for staying out of trouble, Waqar Zaka‘s ‘Boss Main Ny Apko Bola Kya’ incident broke the internet when it happened.

The situation started with an open ‘challenge’ to Junaid Haider, who Waqar encountered at a restaurant and getting beaten up by. After a flurry of dramatic exchanges and challenges over social media, Waqar and his ‘nemesis’ sat down and finally clarified the misunderstandings with his “brother”. As dramatic as it was, the whole fiasco became the talk of the town (and country).

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