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Pakistan and her Rights

Pakistan and her Rights

Pakistan is a beautiful country that Muslims of the Subcontinent got after a lot of hard work and sacrifices. It is very hard to imagine the sacrifices that people had to make in order to achieve an independent country. This country is blessed with many gifts by Allah Almighty. We have different types of land. We get to enjoy all four seasons. We have a variety of beautiful languages, cultures, history and traditions. There are many more blessings. They are uncountable.We talk about the sacrifices of our martyrs on every Defence day, Independence Day and other important events and we discuss the contributions of our heroes such as Quaid-e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Captain Karnal Sher Khan etc. but have we ever thought about what contributions we are making for the development of our nation? Was it just their responsibility to make contributions and sacrifices? Have we ever thought about what is the importance of this country and all that it havedone for us? Are not we supposed to do anything for our motherland?

Among the young generation it is a very common perception that once they are educated, they move abroad saying that this country gave them nothing. Countries like America, England,and Russia etc. seem very charming. Once they move there, they forget their values, customs and traditions. Not everyone is like that but many people are. They do not realize that the degree that got them an excellent position in some foreign country was given to them by a Pakistani institution. Whatever you are is because of this country. All the respect that you have is because of this country.

I do not mean to say that one should not go to foreign countries. There are great universities to study at and organizations one can work in. From foreign countries one can earn and invest in our own countries or take the advantage of earning a degree from, for example Cambridge University, and then be useful to your people at your country. If the system of this country is corrupt, it is all because of such people as explained above. Instead of migrating abroad we should try to stay and put our skills to practice in this country so that it does not remain in the wrong hands forever. The good people who can be great leaders and can lead Pakistan go away and it is left at the mercy of corrupt and dishonest people. The youth of every country are its future leaders. It is our duty to contribute as much as possible. The future of our beloved country is in our hands. It doesn’t matter what gender we are or what is our cast, colour, creed etc. Nowadays the war is through pen as it is said that a pen is mightier than a sword.To sum up I will only say that everybody can contribute for the development and prosperity of this country by working sincerely. It is not necessary to be in the forces, be a scientist, scholar etc. to able to contribute. Even a shopkeeper can contribute by working sincerely.

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