Paddock is not a terrorist?

On 1stOctober, a man named Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of people at a concert in Las Vegas, America. He killed 59 people and more than 500 were injured.


What Paddock did was an act of terrorism, but like many white killers he has not been called a ‘terrorist.’ Rather, he has been given the role of a victim to play. The police claimed that the killer performed this terrorizing act because he was suffering from a severe mental illness. He is also being painted as a lone wolf in media.


The incident is being described as mass-shooting rather than calling it terrorism. And Stephen Paddock is being called a shooter who was suffering from mental health. The west is not categorizing him as a terrorist. According to them, Paddock does not fit the definition of a terrorist.


Now, if a Muslim or a black man had been involved in this situation, he would be quickly called a terrorist and all the blame would be put to religion and race. But, here the case is different. Here a white man is responsible and his mental situation gives him an excuse to kill people. Omar Mateen who killed people in an Orlando LGBT club was instantly labeled as a terrorist by every media outlet despite those mental health issues and his obvious struggle with his own sexual orientation.


Most of the criminals in America are white but still the term terrorism will only be used if the person is dark skinned. White killer will be called a lone wolf. A shooter. A gunman. Anything, but not a terrorist.

What do you think?

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  1. You’re right. If there had been any black or Muslim they must’ve straight put them into the f category of “Terrorist” and it’d have been put to the religion and race but as Stephen Paddock has done this no ones taking the action and putting it all under the mental health excuse which seems no better to me but actual racialism.
    I’m very much impressed by your words and thoughts “Areeba Aftab”. Well done. ! ????

  2. I like your vocabularies
    Keep going on baby……… will try
    People should have to know that how much Muslims Suffering…….????????

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