No criticism but solution

No criticism but solution

Man is entangled in worries that push him in despair and depression. This is the biggest issue of modern world. In such gruesome situation criticism elevates the troubles of the people. Let’s take an initiative to lay bare a foundation where optimistic attitude will prevail rather than the dark clouds of pessimism. Domestic life is the basic unit from where we could start. It has been observed that ‘’spouse relationship’’ is in trouble in these days. Partners start their life with gusto, hope and pleasure. But after a short span of time they come across a diverse situation where the beautiful dreams of making their homes a paradise shapes into a true example of hell. The soft melodious voices turn into sob and shouts. Beautiful poetic words get the shape of abuses and some time slap also sounds in their lives. The point to be ponder is why all this happened. It happened when there is lack of ‘’mental association’’. Mental association is unity of thoughts between two people, it exists in the subconscious. When two persons having same attitude towards life converse automatically hey feel relax and pleased soon they got contentment in their company, this harmony of thoughts make their lives easy.

The life becomes a bed of thorns if two people with divergent ideas live together. In relationship partners expect an ideal one in their lives. In their youth they get inspired by electronic and print media where fairy like lives, pump and show of people, where they show themselves as a symbol of love but in reality but they are far away from the facts and soon they get apart. Glamorized world where a husband having flowers in hand, dedicate song to his wife, celebrations on anniversaries, birthdays, valentines etc are praised and celebrated on media. Youth get inspiration from these stories and deceived by false and shallow lives of so called ideals. But illusion fades away when they start their practical lives where they fail to encounter the crisis. Now what would be the remedies? First both the partner needs to show patience towards each other. The first thing they need is to forget about expectations.

They need to discuss their approach towards the life rather than criticism and curse on destiny spouse start blaming each other this attitude is venomous for their bond. Let’s come out of the dreaming valley where you are prince and princess, look at the realities of life try to encounter them, don’t waster energies and talent. You are the best creation of God, let’s take the challenges of life; this world is not paradise where every dream could get true. Take the diverse situations as challenge. If your partner is not happy with you he criticizes and taunts you, take it as challenge and put your energies in such a positive way that soon his thoughts could get change. This is not velour that in such situation of crises you start the same behavior of blaming, cursing and taunting that would spoil your relationship. The braveness is to stand and survive in adverse conditions. This is not an easy task but a firm determination leads you towards the victory of your relation. The most important task is not to expect but to give. Forget about candle light dinner, birthday wishes and flowers think about the matters where you can become a support and source of confidence for your partner. No, need to mourn and lament on these tiny and trivial issues think more than that. Prove yourself as a candle that burn itself to give light to others. Start caring your spouse if he is in wrath and fury control yourself and show patience, if he is not giving you attention try to do such tasks which can capture his attention, for instance by taking care of his liking and disliking.

No doubt at initial stage you will get hurt and suffer but in a long term you will be on the victory stand. All that doesn’t mean to subjugate, oppress and depress you. The gist is that you are blessed with wisdom so handle the situation smartly and for that your patience along with pessimistic thoughts is the way towards success and key is to channelize and engage your brain conscious and subconscious in positive thoughts and activities. Always try to get your way not to leave the situation but to face the situation. Stand firmly with sincerity, God will shower his blessings on you. Now its up to you how you handle the crisis and prove yourself. This is the rule of the world that you can’t get success without scarifies. You will realize tha t true happiness and satisfaction lies in the happiness of your beloveds.

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