Should Majority Really an Authority

Should Majority Really an Authority

From my school going age, I have always been listening that “Majority is Authority”. Most of the times, when we were deciding a menu for the treat or a destination for a trip, we followed this rule as it was ambiguous for me in those times. When I entered into the age of maturity, this rule exposed its actual ambiguity. Following the sea of crowd having false and immoral ideologies may cost us a big trouble. As Allah has mentioned in Surah I-anam verse 112; “And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah. They follow not except assumptions, and they are not but falsifying.” So before following any set of rules adopted by majority we should consider first that whether its implication will be productive or beneficial in a given set of conditions. Public opinion when not supported by good reasons is not a safe guide to follow.

However sometimes we really face conditions when we are left with no choice except following the majority. For e.g.., if a loyal civil servant wants to serve the country with absolute honesty, he is not appreciated but is tempted to follow the trends of corruption.  Socrates said that, “Opinion of the majority is something that cannot be ignored, for they are capable of inflicting great harm on anyone who has incurred their disapproval. He always stressed on the fact that one should not follow anything swayed by the emotional appeals but to follow a course that is directed by a reason. So we should always search for the hidden reasons that forms the principle of a developed rule and only then we judge the applicability of trends followed by majority.

A group of people practicing the moral values however provide us with the safest rules to follow since their developed principles are not based on desires and personal benefits but on mutual benefits. However, such kind of people are always few as it is mentioned in Quran e Pak in Surah Swaad verse 24: “Save those who believe and do good, and very few are they.” The only reason behind it is that, Mankind has forgotten the actual teachings and set of beliefs given by our Almighty, so to accomplish the personal worldly goals.

We have justified everything saying, “Dunyaaese hi chaltyhy”. The concept of dowry, bribery, injustice, corruption has been developed on this rule. All we need is to be strong and stand against all the immoral set of beliefs imposed by majority. We need to change this concept and reform it as “Morality is Authority”.

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