Love & Relationship

The concept of love has been studied throughout history. Philosophers have been asking such questions as “What is love?” and “Why do we love?” since the beginning of time. Love and relationship are deeply connected with every individual life of the society. Love embraces wide range of relationships including relationship with family as whole, relationship with siblings, relationship with parents and lastly relationship with love-mates. Love is the name of taking and giving respect to your love-mate and it allures you to adore your love-mate in a way that it outspreads him/her above all.Love deepens thoughts and leads to two extreme sides of feelings; when you meet your love-mate it enchants you too much and you feel eternal happiness and in the case of parting you feel eternal repentance.

It is indeed a topic which needs scholarly debates so that the ambiguity and misconception which are associated with it; being frail and being unattainable could be removed and the masses may perceive a true and realistic picture of love. Contrary if a topic lacks scholarly debate then the myths besieges the concept of that topic and a lay man cannot perceive and understand the main idea and makes false claims and perceptions regarding that particular topic.People seem to experience two quite different forms of love— passionate love and companionate love. Passionate love is “a state of intense absorption in another. Sometimes lovers are those who long for their partners and for complete fulfillment. Sometime lovers are those who are ecstatic at and finally having attained their partner’s love and momentarily. Companionate love is the affection we feel for those with whom our lives are deeply entwined. The intensity of love is deeply dependent on the maturity level of both genders and it rightly impacts both genders respectively. It is a common observation that the intensity of love is greatly varies as in the case of teenage-love the love-mates are more passionate, impatient and crazy about their love relationship. They want to show off their love feelings and want to achieve momentarily love. Mature life love is very established and contended type and mature people know how to control their feelings and how to deepen the love for an everlasting relationship. Whatsoever, love makes a person imaginative and after fallen in love the lovers start to encircle their lives with imaginative world where they feel mysticism.

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