Lack of diversity

You go to a prison in the Gotham city of present day America and you are surprised to find out that despite all the “black lives matter” movements and their success, despite being evolved from the America from Martin Luther King’s time, you see black people sprawled over in prison cells. No-one is claiming that these people are not really criminals and have just been detained for their colour, while that is the case for some percent but on the other hand white people are considerably well off and do not have to suffer through days of tasteless prison porridge. When you think of a black person you see, someone who’s outspoken and very fond of using slang but no one dares to see through the stereotype. They don’t see a boy who is quiet့, shy yet awfully charming and a girl who is the most fragile with an almost unheard of sweet voice. They being most people see tattoos not the stories behind them. There is diversity in even the perfectly reassembling ants for those who have the eye to see and the heart to accept and acknowledge it. Diversity is present but it’s not appreciated. We as humans are quick to outcast diversity whether it be in colour, race or habits and opinions. The question here is why? Some might believe it’s because of what the majority thinks. In light of the truth such reason is in no way acceptable. We have come along way but there’s still miles of go in appreciating diversity.

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