History repeats itself

‘’History repeats itself’’ is an adage that we have been hearing since our childhood, but we have also witnessed it. The most important thing to add here is that history repeats itself for the nations who do not face the bitter realities. The facts go untreated due to their devil may care attitude. This was the biggest reason of the resurrection that we had witnessed on the very same day, when the Pakistani nation was once again mourning over the incident of east Pakistan, a couple of years ago.

It has been a huge time of almost 45 years since the debacle of Dhaka. Despite this, its wounds are still fresh, and even the young generation,who has just heard of it, also becomes saddened over it. On December 16, 1971, the debacle of Dhaka took place. It was the black day in our history and the enemies of Pakistan celebrated it as their success. The purpose of remembering all this is to tell that the agenda of our enemies then and now is the same. Since the birth of Pakistan,there had always been an international conspiracy for destabilizing its economy and for isolating it on the international level.

The couples of years ago, Pakistan mourned over another resurrection on December, 16. It was the worst black day in the history of mankind. More than hundreds of buds were pushed towards autumn before the spring; before they blossomed. They were crushed before they had seen the sunrise.

A private school, in Peshawar, was under the terrorists attack. Many hundreds of innocent martyrs cannot be explained in words.

The revenge or whatever may be the reasons for that attack, it had this was an uncouth act, one a great damage to us. This was an uncouth act, and it must be enough to make us recon and to be united. This is the dilemma of our nation that it always unites after horrible destruction. We didn’t even learn from such a doomsday. There must be unity and self-reliance in the nation so that no other parents would pick up the corpses of their children from schools. We need to know that the smallest coffins are the heaviest. We must be able to tell the world that we are not the once who show feather, we know how to stand for yourself.

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Written by maria


Maria Haroon got influence to write her own thought after influence her best friend, A Professional Columnist. She started writing in a local newspaper and transform her writings into Blogs. She is connected to from a year ago. She is highly interested to Blog about Psychlogy, Beauty and Cooking. she is striving to write about current issues.

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