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‘Gora’ Bannany Waly Imported Mushroom meme by Indian Minister

One of the Indian Minister Alpesh Thakor actually claimed that Modi got this fair complexion, because of these imported mushrooms and initially he was the same as him in color.

Mushroom Khao Modi Ban Jao

LOL, he has probably forgotten that this is the imported wine and the foreign trips with those exotic 5-star SPAS, and Facials that has made him look no less than a celebrity.


But, yes at this point, 2017 just seems like a competition going on among indian politicians about who can make ridiculous comments. Actually, it’s mostly Rahul Gandhi trying to make fun of PM Narendra Modi. But it backfired on him, like when he mimicked Modi’s ‘Aloo to Sona’ speech and got trolled, and when he called GST ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ and everyone came out with their own full forms.


Honestly, Indian Prime Minister doesn’t even need to say anything to become a huge meme. Almost all of his pictures are meme-worthy. And people on Twitter never let go of that opportunity.




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Facebook starts downgrading the “Engagement Bait” posts

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