While walking on a rusty footpath i was feeling the crisp of rusty pale leaves under my shoes and smashed with my hard booty sole. I was thinking only one step leads a major difference in the life of a leave which is about to food of soil. But on a another move if positively thinking it became a power full addition in soil to make it more fertilize. I convinced to Shakespeare saying, “earth is music feel it”. This insight of knowing leave’s life leaded by a story of women who attain bad childhood experience which later on worsen her life. A woman passed her life in financial problems and faced the love object, her mother as a victim of domestic violence. In early developmental stage she labelled a man as a dominating figured as ruled out person who can do any time any work and can order the women to obey. Her puberty tries to make possible changes in her to spent next life easy and prosperous but her childhood experience can’t vanish it away.

  • Youth is name of innovation and zeal to do new act and to perform certain things which you never did in your previous life. While standing in window to see many happy couples she ask about, “ this lady is world’s best she occupied a man , a man who can do any thing any time but this person bother it no more about her. She dreamed to be a wife of person who have dominated personality but not violate the worth. Her dream became fulfilled after getting married with a neighbourhood. Her husband was rich in care and love. But the shadow of past never give up. Slowly she got a fear about her husband will do exactly like her father. Day by day this fear became her trauma but she has no idea to discriminate about. Soon after i was able to identify the problem of her and how to make her more power full and innovative. She got an irrational belief about her husband’s changing but it was a thought that was driven by her childhood. One siting will.not be able to suit her it will take time and thumbs up to You. It was a motivational monologue for me. Though it strengthen for her it to rehearse it more.

Bright eyes and smiled face i got pleasure to see, she was thankful for me to give time and counsel. I move back to my home but the leave was as the same crispy but it produces a music which i listened.

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Written by maria


Maria Haroon got influence to write her own thought after influence her best friend, A Professional Columnist. She started writing in a local newspaper and transform her writings into Blogs. She is connected to from a year ago. She is highly interested to Blog about Psychlogy, Beauty and Cooking. she is striving to write about current issues.

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