While walking on a rusty footpath i was feeling the crisp of rusty pale leaves under my shoes and smashed with my hard booty sole. I was thinking only one step leads a major difference in the life of a leave which is about to food of soil. But on a another move if positively thinking it became a power full addition in soil to make it more fertilize. I convinced to Shakespeare saying, “earth is music feel it”. This insight of knowing leave’s life leaded by a story of women who attain bad childhood experience which later on worsen her life. A woman passed her life in financial problems and faced the love object, her mother as a victim of domestic violence. In early developmental stage she labelled a man as a dominating figured as ruled out person who can do any time any work and can order the women to obey. Her puberty tries to make possible changes in her to spent next life easy and prosperous but her childhood experience can’t vanish it away.

  • Youth is name of innovation and zeal to do new act and to perform certain things which you never did in your previous life. While standing in window to see many happy couples she ask about, “ this lady is world’s best she occupied a man , a man who can do any thing any time but this person bother it no more about her. She dreamed to be a wife of person who have dominated personality but not violate the worth. Her dream became fulfilled after getting married with a neighbourhood. Her husband was rich in care and love. But the shadow of past never give up. Slowly she got a fear about her husband will do exactly like her father. Day by day this fear became her trauma but she has no idea to discriminate about. Soon after i was able to identify the problem of her and how to make her more power full and innovative. She got an irrational belief about her husband’s changing but it was a thought that was driven by her childhood. One siting will.not be able to suit her it will take time and thumbs up to You. It was a motivational monologue for me. Though it strengthen for her it to rehearse it more.

Bright eyes and smiled face i got pleasure to see, she was thankful for me to give time and counsel. I move back to my home but the leave was as the same crispy but it produces a music which i listened.


Lack of diversity

You go to a prison in the Gotham city of present day America and you are surprised to find out that despite all the “black lives matter” movements and their success, despite being evolved from the America from Martin Luther King’s time, you see black people sprawled over in prison cells. No-one is claiming that these people are not really criminals and have just been detained for their colour, while that is the case for some percent but on the other hand white people are considerably well off and do not have to suffer through days of tasteless prison porridge. When you think of a black person you see, someone who’s outspoken and very fond of using slang but no one dares to see through the stereotype. They don’t see a boy who is quiet့, shy yet awfully charming and a girl who is the most fragile with an almost unheard of sweet voice. They being most people see tattoos not the stories behind them. There is diversity in even the perfectly reassembling ants for those who have the eye to see and the heart to accept and acknowledge it. Diversity is present but it’s not appreciated. We as humans are quick to outcast diversity whether it be in colour, race or habits and opinions. The question here is why? Some might believe it’s because of what the majority thinks. In light of the truth such reason is in no way acceptable. We have come along way but there’s still miles of go in appreciating diversity.

No criticism but solution

No criticism but solution

Man is entangled in worries that push him in despair and depression. This is the biggest issue of modern world. In such gruesome situation criticism elevates the troubles of the people. Let’s take an initiative to lay bare a foundation where optimistic attitude will prevail rather than the dark clouds of pessimism. Domestic life is the basic unit from where we could start. It has been observed that ‘’spouse relationship’’ is in trouble in these days. Partners start their life with gusto, hope and pleasure. But after a short span of time they come across a diverse situation where the beautiful dreams of making their homes a paradise shapes into a true example of hell. The soft melodious voices turn into sob and shouts. Beautiful poetic words get the shape of abuses and some time slap also sounds in their lives. The point to be ponder is why all this happened. It happened when there is lack of ‘’mental association’’. Mental association is unity of thoughts between two people, it exists in the subconscious. When two persons having same attitude towards life converse automatically hey feel relax and pleased soon they got contentment in their company, this harmony of thoughts make their lives easy.

The life becomes a bed of thorns if two people with divergent ideas live together. In relationship partners expect an ideal one in their lives. In their youth they get inspired by electronic and print media where fairy like lives, pump and show of people, where they show themselves as a symbol of love but in reality but they are far away from the facts and soon they get apart. Glamorized world where a husband having flowers in hand, dedicate song to his wife, celebrations on anniversaries, birthdays, valentines etc are praised and celebrated on media. Youth get inspiration from these stories and deceived by false and shallow lives of so called ideals. But illusion fades away when they start their practical lives where they fail to encounter the crisis. Now what would be the remedies? First both the partner needs to show patience towards each other. The first thing they need is to forget about expectations.

They need to discuss their approach towards the life rather than criticism and curse on destiny spouse start blaming each other this attitude is venomous for their bond. Let’s come out of the dreaming valley where you are prince and princess, look at the realities of life try to encounter them, don’t waster energies and talent. You are the best creation of God, let’s take the challenges of life; this world is not paradise where every dream could get true. Take the diverse situations as challenge. If your partner is not happy with you he criticizes and taunts you, take it as challenge and put your energies in such a positive way that soon his thoughts could get change. This is not velour that in such situation of crises you start the same behavior of blaming, cursing and taunting that would spoil your relationship. The braveness is to stand and survive in adverse conditions. This is not an easy task but a firm determination leads you towards the victory of your relation. The most important task is not to expect but to give. Forget about candle light dinner, birthday wishes and flowers think about the matters where you can become a support and source of confidence for your partner. No, need to mourn and lament on these tiny and trivial issues think more than that. Prove yourself as a candle that burn itself to give light to others. Start caring your spouse if he is in wrath and fury control yourself and show patience, if he is not giving you attention try to do such tasks which can capture his attention, for instance by taking care of his liking and disliking.

No doubt at initial stage you will get hurt and suffer but in a long term you will be on the victory stand. All that doesn’t mean to subjugate, oppress and depress you. The gist is that you are blessed with wisdom so handle the situation smartly and for that your patience along with pessimistic thoughts is the way towards success and key is to channelize and engage your brain conscious and subconscious in positive thoughts and activities. Always try to get your way not to leave the situation but to face the situation. Stand firmly with sincerity, God will shower his blessings on you. Now its up to you how you handle the crisis and prove yourself. This is the rule of the world that you can’t get success without scarifies. You will realize tha t true happiness and satisfaction lies in the happiness of your beloveds.

SEO for Copywriters: Tips on Measuring SEO Impact

Welcome to the newest installment of our educational Next Level series! In our last episode, Brian Childs shared a few handy shortcuts for targeting multiple keywords with one page. Today, he’s back to share how to use Google Analytics to measure the SEO impact of your content. Read on and level up!

Understanding how to write web content for SEO is important. But equally important is knowing how to measure the SEO impact of your content after it’s published. In this article I’ll describe how to use Google Analytics to create reports that evaluate the performance of articles or the writers creating those articles.

I’m Sarmad Gardezi & ill teach you how So, Let’s start with some definitions.

What is SEO content?

Search engine optimized content is the strategic process of researching and writing website copy with the goal of maximizing its impact in the SERPs. This requires having a keyword strategy, the ability to conduct competitive analyses, and knowledge of current ranking factors.

If you’re a copywriter, you’ve likely already been asked by your clients to create content “written for SEO.” Translating this into action often means the writer needs to have a greater role in both strategy and research. Words matter in SEO, and spending the time to get them right is a big part of creating content effectively. Adding SEO research and analysis to the process of researching content often fits nicely.

So the question is: How do I measure the effectiveness of my content team?

We go in greater depth on the research and reporting processes during the Moz seminar SEO for Content Writers, but I’ll explain a few useful concepts here.

What should I measure?

Well-defined goals are at the heart of any good digital marketing strategy, whether you’re doing SEO or PPC. Goals will differ by client and I’ve found that part of my role as a digital marketer is to help the client understand how to articulate the business goals into measurable actions taken by visitors on their site.

Ideally, goals have a few essential traits. They should:

  • Have measurable value (revenue, leads generated, event registrations)
  • Be identifiable on the site (PDF downloads, button clicks, confirmation page views)
  • Lead to business growth (part of an online campaign, useful to sales team, etc.)

Broad goals such as “increase organic sessions on site” are rarely specific enough for clients to want to invest in after the first 3–6 months of a relationship.

One tool you can use to measure goals is Google Analytics (GA). The nice part about GA is that almost everyone has an account (even if they don’t know how to use it) and it integrates nicely with almost all major SEO software platforms.

Lay the foundation for your SEO research by taking a free trial of Moz Pro. After you’ve researched your content strategy and competition with Keyword Explorer and Open Site Explorer, you can begin measuring the content you create in Google Analytics.

Let me show you how I set this up.

How to measure SEO content using Google Analytics

Step 1: Review conversion actions on site

As I mentioned before, your SEO goals should tie to a business outcome. We discuss setting up goals, including a worksheet that shows monthly performance, during the Reporting on SEO Bootcamp.

During the launch phase of a new project, locate the on-site actions that contribute to your client’s business and then consider how your content can drive traffic to those pages. Some articles have CTAs pointing to a whitepaper; others may suggest setting up a consultation.

When interviewing your client about these potential conversion locations (contact us page, whitepaper download, etc), ask them about the value of a new customer or lead. For nonprofits, maybe the objective is to increase awareness of events or increase donations. Regardless of the goal, it’s important that you define a value for each conversion before creating goals in Google Analytics.

Step 2: Navigate to the Admin panel in Google Analytics

Once you have goals identified and have settled on an acceptable value for that goal, open up Google Analytics and navigate to the admin panel. At the time of writing this, you can find the Admin panel by clicking on a little gear icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Create a goal (including dollar value)

There are three columns in the Admin view: Account, Property, and View. In the “View” column, you will see a section marked “Goals.”

Once you are in Goals, select “+New Goal.”

I usually select “Custom” rather than the pre-filled templates. It’s up to you. I’d give the Custom option a spin just to familiarize yourself with the selectors.

Now fill out the goal based on the analysis conducted in step #1. One goal should be filled out for each conversion action you’ve identified. The most important factor is filling out a value. This is the dollar amount for this goal.

The Google description of how to create goals is located here: Create or Edit Goals

Step 4: Create and apply a “Segment” for Organic Traffic

Once you have your goals set up, you’ll want to set up and automate reporting. Since we’re analyzing traffic from search engines, we want to isolate only traffic coming from the Organic Channel.

Organic traffic = people who arrive on your site after clicking on a link from a search engine results page.

An easy way to isolate traffic of a certain type or from a certain source is to create a segment.

Navigate to any Google Analytics page in the reports section. You will see some boxes near the top of the page, one of them labeled “All Users” (assuming segments haven’t been configured in the past).

Select the box that says “All Users” and it will open up a list with checkboxes.

Scroll down until you find the checkbox that says “Organic Traffic,” then select and apply that.

Now no matter what reports you look at In Google Analytics, you’ll only be viewing the traffic from search engines.

Step 5: Review the Google Analytics Landing Page Report

Now that we’ve isolated only traffic from search engines using a Google Analytics Segment, we can view our content performance and assess what is delivering the most favorable metrics. There are several reports you can use, but I prefer the “Landing Pages” report. It shows you the page where a visitor begins their session. If I want to measure blog writers, I want to know whose writing is generating the most traffic for me. The Landing Pages report will help do that.

To get to the Landing Pages report in Google Analytics, select this sequence of subheadings on the left sidebar:

Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages

This report will show you, for any period of time, which pages are delivering the most visits. I suggest going deeper and sorting the content by the columns “Pages per session” and “Session Duration.” Identify the articles that are generating the highest average page depth and longest average session duration. Google will see these behaviors and signal that you’re delivering value to your visitors. That is good for SEO.

Step 6: Review the conversion value of your writers

Remember those goals we created? In the far right columns of the Landing Pages report, you will find the value being delivered by each page on your site. This is where you can help answer the question, “Which article topics or writers are consistently delivering the most business value?”

If you want to share this report with your team to help increase transparency, I recommend navigating up to the top of the page and, just beneath the name of the report, you’ll see a link called “Email.”

Automate your reporting by setting up an email that delivers either a .csv file or PDF on a monthly basis. It’s super easy and will save you a ton of time.

A Broken Pot

You probably have heard many times from the people complaining about others that “we do so good to others, but in return they always dodge us”. Even some of you might have experienced the same. The bitterness that arises because of this attitude is enough to grow the feeling of hatred for the concerned ones. What is the right way to eliminate such kind of feelings? The answer to this question is a “Carefree attitude”. Hazrat Ali (R.A) said that, “A human being should be like a broken pot from which the love of other people can enter and leave”. This means that love for people isn’t something that should stay for long because that leads you to the breaking point, a point where one realizes that a perfect loyalty isn’t a trait of a common individual. It’s a holy trait. Allah has taught us many times to be kind and loving but he never asked us to increase the magnitude of this Love that much, that you become blind to see the fault of your beloved ones. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W once said, “ Among Allah’s servants are people who are neither Prophets nor martyrs, but whom the Prophets and martyrs will deem fortunate because of their high status with Allah” They asked: “O messenger of Allah! Inform us of who they are”. He said: “They are people who loved each other for Allah’s sake, without being related to one another or being tied to one another by the exchange of wealth. By Allah, their faces will be luminous and they will be upon light. They will feel no fear when the people will  be feeling fear and they will feel no grief when the people will be grieving”. Then he read the verse, “Behold, on the friends of Allah, there shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.” [Sunan Abi Dawud (3527)]. So whenever you feel like people are not returning that what you are giving to them then just ask yourself, “am I doing this for the sake of ALLAH or for the sake of my own personal benefits?”.  Because when you are doing something only for Allah your expectations will automatically direct towards him not towards people. If people are hurting you, breaking you to the point of limit then don’t grieve.  Adopt a carefree attitude. It’s really ok not to be loved back. We are here to please our God, not to please his creation. Love the humanity, dive in the sea of love, but don’t try to accumulate the water of the sea. You will sink. Let the water enter and when it tries to flow out, then don’t hinder its path. Let it go.



A friend in need is a friend indeed, a famous saying that implies two way insight into a long lasting friendship; the first and the most important insight to friendship is that a true friend never leaves you in the rainy days irrespective of his/her social, economic, and individual capacity to help and a true friend never weighs friendship against any luxury of life but he/she connects emotions, feelings, and sincerity to develop relationship and understanding for a firm friendship. A sincere friend never prioritizes friends against worldly and temporary desires and benefits but he/she always upholds the noble cause of friendship. To understand the meaning of the term friendship it is indispensable to ascertain some scholarly interpretations of the term friendship. According to Wikipedia-the free encyclopedia, Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. Keeping in view the definition it can be said that it is a relationship between two people having a common cause of any nature. It is sort of connection that may embody a common interest , a common hobby  or a common cause of any nature that attracts two people to come closer and to build trust and to cultivate an environment offering prospects for sharing ideas and  feelings.  It is a self –disclosure as it provides us a chance to express our thoughts and dialectical process through which we not only input our happiness and sorrows but also responded with feeling of joyousness and empathy. It includes bond of relationships starting from childhood and includes the friendship of teenage, adult age, and lastly old age friendship. The bond of friendship and its ultimate ingredients may be entirely different but the idea of sincere friendship implies in all ages of friendship with negligible difference of causes and needs. Thomas Aquinas has rightly said that‘there is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship’.

The Nature and Its Overwhelming Advantages

The Nature and Its Overwhelming Advantages

To embrace the gifts of nature smartly a human being has to know about the indefinite pluses of such naturally blessed ingredients. This article will help you out to figure out the utmost advantages of nature and to make your life healthy. In this regard the sun light is an utmost source of Vitamin D which can be termed as the healthiest source for bones. The contemporary research has shown that sunlight in the summer is advantageous for skin and it reduces the risk of cancer, heart attack, sclerosis and arthritis. The statistics show that countries deprive of adequate sunlight exposure are facing malnutrition in the young inhabitants. The morning walk is another source for keeping the human body healthier as the recent researches show that during walk movement of our joint secrete hormone that act of antidepressant. It also reduces anxiety stress and maintains cholesterol and sugar level of the body. Sweeting during walk detoxify body and improves metabolism. In the context of walk another physiological based deep breathing in the morning provides relief and during deep breathing through mouth exhale an adequate amount of oxygen is transported to body which riches blood oxygen level and provides a state of calmness to body. The nature has embraced the human with countless blessings and human laughter is termed as laughter therapy for depression patients. In America the therapists conduct sessions where peoples with depression are provided an environment to laugh more and more and ultimately they forget their depressions and feel the state of relaxation. Exercising daily is a great source to make muscles strong and healthier.

Should Majority Really an Authority

Should Majority Really an Authority

From my school going age, I have always been listening that “Majority is Authority”. Most of the times, when we were deciding a menu for the treat or a destination for a trip, we followed this rule as it was ambiguous for me in those times. When I entered into the age of maturity, this rule exposed its actual ambiguity. Following the sea of crowd having false and immoral ideologies may cost us a big trouble. As Allah has mentioned in Surah I-anam verse 112; “And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah. They follow not except assumptions, and they are not but falsifying.” So before following any set of rules adopted by majority we should consider first that whether its implication will be productive or beneficial in a given set of conditions. Public opinion when not supported by good reasons is not a safe guide to follow.

However sometimes we really face conditions when we are left with no choice except following the majority. For e.g.., if a loyal civil servant wants to serve the country with absolute honesty, he is not appreciated but is tempted to follow the trends of corruption.  Socrates said that, “Opinion of the majority is something that cannot be ignored, for they are capable of inflicting great harm on anyone who has incurred their disapproval. He always stressed on the fact that one should not follow anything swayed by the emotional appeals but to follow a course that is directed by a reason. So we should always search for the hidden reasons that forms the principle of a developed rule and only then we judge the applicability of trends followed by majority.

A group of people practicing the moral values however provide us with the safest rules to follow since their developed principles are not based on desires and personal benefits but on mutual benefits. However, such kind of people are always few as it is mentioned in Quran e Pak in Surah Swaad verse 24: “Save those who believe and do good, and very few are they.” The only reason behind it is that, Mankind has forgotten the actual teachings and set of beliefs given by our Almighty, so to accomplish the personal worldly goals.

We have justified everything saying, “Dunyaaese hi chaltyhy”. The concept of dowry, bribery, injustice, corruption has been developed on this rule. All we need is to be strong and stand against all the immoral set of beliefs imposed by majority. We need to change this concept and reform it as “Morality is Authority”.

Milk Shakes Recipes

The Creamiest, thickest, and frothiest texture gives us essential taste and energy and such hygiene and healthier nourishment is called milkshakes. As it is evident from its name a shake is made of milk and addition of different fruits and sugar to create a thick and tasteful smoothie and further it adds aroma color and taste. The holy month of Ramadan has embraced the Muslims in summer season with sunny and hot days. In the summer season Milkshake can be proven as a beat summer tool to maintain body fluids and to maintain sufficient level of body proteins and vitamins.  Milkshakes not only can be productive for maintaining a healthy body but they can also be used to add a delicious & easy to digest item in the iftar time.

Simple and delicious recipes of shakes are waiting for you to beat summer and to strengthen you with essential nutrients.

Dates almond and banana shake

Dates          4

Almonds     10 pieces

Bananas      2

Sugar           as per taste

Fresh milk   one glass

Put all ingredients in a blender, blend it until smooth and creamy, pour into glass and serve immediately.


Honey dates and apple shake

Apple   1

Honey  2tb

Dates   4

Sugar as per taste

Milk   one glass

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend it until smooth creamy texture.

Creamy mango shake

Mangoes    1

Fresh cream   half cup

Mango ice-cream 2 scoops

Sugar  as per taste

Milk one glass

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend it until smooth creamy texture

Chocolate cream shake

Chocolate chips   half cup

Chocolate syrup  1tb

Chocolate ice-cream  2 scoops

Sugar   as per taste

Condensed milk  one glass

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend it until smooth creamy texture


Peach banana shake

Bananas   2

Peaches   2

Sugar as tasted

Creamy milk   one glass

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend it until smooth creamy texture




Love & Relationship

The concept of love has been studied throughout history. Philosophers have been asking such questions as “What is love?” and “Why do we love?” since the beginning of time. Love and relationship are deeply connected with every individual life of the society. Love embraces wide range of relationships including relationship with family as whole, relationship with siblings, relationship with parents and lastly relationship with love-mates. Love is the name of taking and giving respect to your love-mate and it allures you to adore your love-mate in a way that it outspreads him/her above all.Love deepens thoughts and leads to two extreme sides of feelings; when you meet your love-mate it enchants you too much and you feel eternal happiness and in the case of parting you feel eternal repentance.

It is indeed a topic which needs scholarly debates so that the ambiguity and misconception which are associated with it; being frail and being unattainable could be removed and the masses may perceive a true and realistic picture of love. Contrary if a topic lacks scholarly debate then the myths besieges the concept of that topic and a lay man cannot perceive and understand the main idea and makes false claims and perceptions regarding that particular topic.People seem to experience two quite different forms of love— passionate love and companionate love. Passionate love is “a state of intense absorption in another. Sometimes lovers are those who long for their partners and for complete fulfillment. Sometime lovers are those who are ecstatic at and finally having attained their partner’s love and momentarily. Companionate love is the affection we feel for those with whom our lives are deeply entwined. The intensity of love is deeply dependent on the maturity level of both genders and it rightly impacts both genders respectively. It is a common observation that the intensity of love is greatly varies as in the case of teenage-love the love-mates are more passionate, impatient and crazy about their love relationship. They want to show off their love feelings and want to achieve momentarily love. Mature life love is very established and contended type and mature people know how to control their feelings and how to deepen the love for an everlasting relationship. Whatsoever, love makes a person imaginative and after fallen in love the lovers start to encircle their lives with imaginative world where they feel mysticism.