Everything in this world have great significance, but some objects are as important as subjects. Their appearance are not so appealing but their work remark a great role. Most important thing about it not everyone gain insight about it.

A brush, we can say a thin, long tabular in shape and filaments on the top having different shape according to the usage. Imagine, if our life becomes colorless, then it feel attractive? Definitely not. Brushes make the life beautiful. It adds color, shine, beauty and even life in colorless objects. It make attractive and appealing. It beautify object, which was having ugly look, but now most attractive among all.

Significance of brushes are season of autumn, after spending autumn season, everywhere silence, cold winds, sadness and trees like skeleton, rusty leaves and dull grass. Feelings are just like everything going to end. But right after some time, sunshine, creeping of words, and aroma in air, green trees, green grass, fresh environment and plants filled of colorful flowers. SPRING, God add color,brush to autumn and make a refine form.

In our daily life we faces a lot of hurdles, obstacles and everyone wants to cope it. Our coping strategy is acts like a brush to our worries of makes ourlife worthy and make better than others. Everyone wants to be successful in his life. For this they have to strive for very long run, to attain and achieve certain goals. To achieved desired goal a person must change his thinking and priorities which a person must do in a day.

Consider your thoughts as a brush, it will really work for you. What you want to achieve in your life. First make removal all of dust from your thoughts and find a clean clear thoughts for attaining a specific goal.

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Written by maria


Maria Haroon got influence to write her own thought after influence her best friend, A Professional Columnist. She started writing in a local newspaper and transform her writings into Blogs. She is connected to from a year ago. She is highly interested to Blog about Psychlogy, Beauty and Cooking. she is striving to write about current issues.

RAMADAN Countless blessings

RAMADAN Countless blessings


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