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Apple Apologizes for not clarifying the slowing down of iPhones

After admitting that Apple was slowing down older iPhones on purpose, Yesterday, Apple releases its apology statement for not being specific with explaining the issues related to slowing down of iPhone 6 iPhone 6 plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s plus and iPhone SE.


Apple said

We’ve been hearing feedback from our customers about the way we handle performance for iPhones with older batteries and how we have communicated that process. We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologize.

Apple said that they want to clarify all the misunderstandings related to this issue. ‘We have never — and would never — do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades’ Apple addressed.

Customer concerns

After clarifying all the misunderstandings Apple is taking following steps to steps to regain the trust of its users whoever doubt the Apples’s intentions. Apple further said:

We’ve always wanted our customers to be able to use their iPhones as long as possible. We’re proud that Apple products are known for their durability, and for holding their value longer than our competitors’ devices.

  • Offers battery replacement for 29$

Apple announces a battery fixing program in late January 2018. All the users with iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus with an out-of-warranty iPhone’s battery can replace them for reduced price of 50$ to 29$ instead of 79$ from January through out December worldwide.

  • New iOS software update

Apple further addressed that they will be releasing new iOS update software early in 2018 which will allow users to know more about their phone’s performance.

we will issue an iOS software update with new features that give users more visibility into the health of their iPhone’s battery, so they can see for themselves if its condition is affecting performance.

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Battery aging and Performance

Apple also released a new article talking about chemical aging of iPhones battery and its performance. iPhones are known for their durability and long battery life but last year with the release of iPhone 6 users experience unexpected shutdown at the battery age 20%-30%.

Apple explained in its recent letter:

iPhone batteries use lithium-ion technology. Compared with older generations of battery technology, lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer, and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package. Rechargeable lithium-ion technology currently provides the best technology for your device.

further explained:

Device use also affects the performance of a battery over its lifespan. For example, leaving or charging a battery in a hot environment can cause a battery to age faster. These are characteristics of battery chemistry, common to lithium-ion batteries across the industry.

Unexpected shutdowns

Earlier this year in January apple released iOS 10.2.1 software with the power management plan to prevent the unexpected shutdowns and increase the battery lifespans by degrading phone’s performance of chemically aged batteries. Apple further said:

The power management system determines the capability of the battery to supply this power, and manages the loads in order to maintain operations. When the operations can no longer be supported with the full capabilities of the power management system, the system will perform a shutdown to preserve these electronic components. While this shutdown is intentional from the device perspective, it may be unexpected by the user.

Apple receives a positive feedback after iOS 10.2.1 software update. As a result, the device workloads will self-balance, allowing a smoother distribution of system tasks, rather than larger, quick spikes of performance all at once says apple.

In the extreme form of power management plan user may experience lower frame rate, slow launching of applications, low speaker volume upto -3db and disabling of flash while taking photos etc as described by Apple.
lastly apple addressed:

As always, our team is working on ways to make the user experience even better, including improving how we manage performance and avoid unexpected shutdowns as batteries age.



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