8 Life Changing Apps

8 Life Changing Apps

Many new apps are being introduced which tend to have a considerable impact on our daily life. Some of these apps can actually help you change a habit or make you live a more organized and healthy life. Here are eight life changing apps that you need to download right now:

  1. Water Time Pro


Water is really important for a healthy lifestyle and in the everyday life’s hustle and bustle we may not fill the right requirement of water for a person’s body. Water Time Pro not only reminds you to drink water after every one hour but also helps you keep track of your body’s H20 needs.


  1. Sleep Cycle


This app will help you keep track of your sleep and wake you up at the right time. The alarm goes off when you are in your lightest sleep so you can wake up refreshed; which will also save you the trouble of dragging yourself out of bed after excessively hitting snooze.


  1. Days Counter


Ever forgot your friend’s birthday, or your anniversary or any important event? Well worry no more, because this app is here to save your life. This app will never forget about the important events or scheduled meetings and save you from a ton of embarrassment by keeping track of the elapsed days before and after the actual event.


  1. Daylio


This app will help you keep a private micro diary and save you the trouble from typing. You can also add your daily activities and keep track of your mood throughout the day. This format will help you understand your habits better and pave way for a better lifestyle.



  1. My diet coach


This is your virtual coach to help you keep track of your food so you can rapidly loss weight. It will also help you to resist cravings so you can eat healthy. You can also set goals, count calories and set up personal reminders to help you focus on what’s important, your healthy lifestyle.


  1. Moves


Healthy food is like fuel to your body but to keep the engine running, you need to start moving. Moves helps you in keeping track of your walking, cycling, or running. It will help you with your body in shape so you can live a better and healthy life.


  1. Kidsdoc


Thanks to this app you would not need to run to a doctor everytime you do not feel well. Simply input the symptoms and the app will guide you to lessen the pain and symptoms; it will also determine if you are in real need for a doctor or the problem could be sorted at home.


  1. What’s up?


It is a fantastic app which uses methods like CBT and ACT to help you cope with depression, anger, anxiety and stress. This app will help you seek a way away from any mental sickness that you are undergoing and provide you with a joyous and healthy life.

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