5 biggest modifications in the history of Iphones

Steve Jobs the founder of the Apple company started this all with an evolutionary phone of his era, the Iphone 3g and 3gs. The rectangular devices with classic 3.5 inch touch display that immediately become the dream for the people of that era  to have one.After that more Iphones were released with better modifications but physical design stays pretty much the same.

Here are  biggest decisions Apple took to make Iphones better and revolutionary:


It was all in the 2014 when Apple took a big step and redesign the whole Iphone. It was the time when Iphone 6s and 6s plus broke the market. Apple gave up on the good ol’ classic 4 inches rectangular design and  went for something bigger and more desirable. Iphone 6s and 6s plus has the 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches display.Another physical redesign was the slim and sleek design with curved edges made it more desirable. They also came up with the horizontal lines on the back of the phone also known as antenna lines.

2.Said goodbye to the headphone jack

After the tremendous success of iphone 6, In the next generation Apple company wanted something revolutionary. 2016 was the year when apple first release its new Iphone, Iphone7 with no headphone jack leaving thousands of apple fans completely disappointed. They didn’t only remove the headphone jack completely but they replaced it with wireless ear-pods.


3.No more Home buttons

The next major decision made with Apple’s new IphoneX. Apple decided to remove the home button completely in order to achieve the greater screen to body ratio. Iphone X is no doubt the most modified form of Iphone so far.

4.Bezel less display

In the world full of smart phones with new features and the larger bezel less displays apple couldn’t stand back and once again decided to go beyond its limits. Apple replaced bezels with a notch giving it the 82.9% screen to body ratio and a completely different look. Although most of the apple fans couldn’t handle this change because notch was taking the part of the screen and according to them it was annoying. Getting rid of bezels increased the 10% of the screen compared to previous generations.

5.Face ID

Another big decision apple took was introducing the face ID. Although face scanner wasn’t completely out of the blue feature in the world of smart phones but replacing it with a touch ID is no doubt a big change and Apple roll it out pretty smoothly but according to the apple users its not as good as the touch ID. 

let us know what are your predictions for upcoming iphone generations?

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