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Whatsapp is working on to prevent chain-mailing and spammy messages

reportedly Whatsapp is testing new alerts to prevent users from chain-mailing

Recently Whatsapp is working on an alert to stop spammy chain messages that will warn users about the fake and spammy messages.

Two of the sites have provided the screen-shots which demonstrate the spammy message alert.This is how this new feature is expected to work, Whenever someone will receive a spammy message the will see a note written under sender’s name ” forwarded too many times” and if one try to forward it further they will receive a notification that message has been forwarded too many times hence could be fake or Spam. This might not solve the problem completely but sites have reported that it will surely minimize the spamming.


Whatsapp haven’t talked publicly about it.They aren’t sure about implementing this feature in the future yet. From the article posted by its clear that they are working on eliminating the spam from the Application. According to

This is absolutely false, but not well-versed users may believe to these messages, or they may be bothered for them.

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They hinted some of the details about this new project that Whatsapp will allow you to report the message and if they will receive greater amount of reports they will block the following user. Whatsapp is also looking forward to auto detect the Spam to slow down the spread of the spammy messages.




Whatsapp messages can be very irrelevant and fake to really harmful to certain states or a group of people and could cause serious consequences and disturb political and social affairs of any state. Chain messages can be full of hatred against certain communities or religions they are only sprouting hatred in people against each other.

These chain messages often contain religious stuff so that the people will forward it as much as they can or they can contain the link or document that can harm your devices and make your personal data vulnerable. These viral messages, if won’t be stop in the future could cause some serious issues between different religions or states in the world. Recently their had been some cases of violence in several states like India after these irrelevant message got viral.

Not even Whatsapp but Facebook is also in this war against spammy and engagement bait posts. From the start of the this year this has been the topic of debate between different companies. We consider this a positive step in this Utopian world.


let us know your thoughts on this 🙂

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