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Facebook starts downgrading the “Engagement Bait” posts

Being the biggest social platform on the Internet, Facebook is taking some positive steps by introducing new machine learning algorithm.On December 18, after receiving complaints from people, Facebook announced that they are demoting the “Engagement Bait” posts that beg for like and reactions.
Facebook says that they are basically taking advantage of facebook’s current “news feed algorithm by boosting engagement to get greater reach”. This excessive boosting of irrelevant post force people to interact with them more and degrades the post that actually are positive and deserve attention.

Facebook will soon starts downgrading of irrelevant attention seeking post which are decreasing the authenticity of the website.Post that are spammy sensational unauthentic and misleading will no longer be promoted in the news feed, facebook said. for example post with caption “tag a person who likes this” or “like if you relate” will totally be demoted by this new algorithm.

Although facebook isn’t completely demoting every single engagement base post. Instead facebook is promoting the content which is more relevant and meaningful and which seek help or advice.for example: if a person/child’s missing post seeking attention it will not be downgraded.

This new change will increase the authenticity of the website although its just a start and facebook is not completely preventing these post but its giving its users a few time before implementing stricter demotions for pages that beg people for likes tags and shares.

Publishers who will affected by this new change in algorithms will experience less engagment on their click bait post. The reason why facebook is slowly implementing this algorithm is for users to get use to it and try posting influential, and meaningful content which would be positive for this Utopian world.

tell us your thoughts on this new algorithm

‘Make facebook Authentic again’ 🙂

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