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Vine 2.0 teaser took the internet by storm,dropped by the co-founder Dom hofmann

Christmas came early when Dom hofmann, the co founder of vine dropped the teaser of vine 2 with the caption “v2” and the picture that contains the logo of vine 2.


Vine used to be the one of the greatest platforms for the shortform videos and the place full of six seconds masterpieces until it was taken down last year on October by twitter.It wasn’t so shocking when Dom hofmann dropped the new teaser as he tweeted before that he will stick to vine and work on it.

Self funded project

Vine 2 will be a self funded project unlike vine which was bought by Twitter for $30 million in 2012 before it was even launched. Co-founder Dom hofmann said that it will be an outside project.


What’s new?

After releasing the teaser Dom hofmann obviously didn’t leave viners questioning. He tweeted some principles and updated about the changes and the new stuff.


it is clear from these principles that vine will be neutral for everyone and free from any toxicity.

The “nope” feature

The co-founder of vine, with the principles also gave us some predictions about the new feature. Vine 2 will have “nope” feature which will allows users to remove the content which is offending or they don’t want to see it on their timeline.


the beta version of vine will be releasing next year in january 31. While the official version will be released sometime in march, 2018.

People’s reactions

People showed mixed emotions when they saw the teaser. Some were hyped, some were annoyed by it while other still can’t believe it.

we don’t care about anyone else coming back to vine. We just want Gavin back 😉

some people got annoyed by it and tweeted there list of people they don’t want again on vine 2, they want something new!

let us know about your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

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