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144 Sacrifices that will never be Abandoned in the Memory Lane

The sky was a palette of the scruffiest orange and a blooming yellow. It was Tuesday and the streets of Peshawar were still recovering from the weekend which had been all about fun and carelessness. Today though was about getting back to the shops and classrooms. The air carried the rattle of shutters opening with shopkeepers ready for a day of sales along the Warsak Road. This all was part of a well rehearsed routine, one that the inhabitants of the area followed week after week. If one had the chance to see from above they’d say everything seemed to be in place and normal. It would be described as -just another day. However that’s the thing with time, it’s linear. You can’t see ahead in the future unless you walk the road. Sadly, for Peshawar or maybe the world dark clouds had already graced everyone with their presence. Whoever said evil wasn’t ugly hadn’t lived through 16th December.

One of the survivors remembered clearly what happened that day. Irfan Shah, a 10 year old student of APS Peshawar, was having a regular day at school. He was sitting in his social science class, giving a few glances to his wrist watch as it went tik tok. When the firing first started, he along his classmates thought it was some sort of drill going on. But, when one of his classmates opened the class window; their eyes laid on the terror outside. Two of his mates ran outside in panic. They were shot infront of Irfan’s eyes. It was horrifying for Irfan. One of his seniors, Hamza, was among the ones who got shot as soon as they got spotted by the filthy terrorists. Hamza Ali Khakar, known as ‘Captain’ among his friends, was among one of the top students of the school. Hamza was known for his bravery and his leadership qualities. Hamza Ali Khahar that day stood among the 144 martyrs.

That day another blooming flower was crushed by Lucifer’s servants. It was little Khaula’s first day at APS school. The 6 year old got dressed in her new uniform and her teeny-weeny black shoes. Hoping on her father’s back the dainty little girl went downstairs to have breakfast. She was jumping from excitement that day. Little girl was ready to learn and be in the same school with her elder siblings. Her parents described her as a flower. She always had a beautiful smile on her face. The smile was so pure and beautiful that it could melt any heart. But, sadly that day it failed to melt the monstrous hearts of those atrocious creatures that made 16 December our Khaula’s last day to live. Among many that day, there was also a little boy, a video game lover; Shehzeb. Shahzeb was always in a hurry to get back from school and dive into his computer games. Despite showing excellent achademic performance, Shahzeb Ahmed was never fond of school. He wanted to rush back to home and plunge into his books and music. But sadly, that day Shahzeb did not get the chance to go and play his Fifa Xbox game. That day, our little hero took the stairs of heaven from his school.

On the 16th December’s cold winter morning, it was a routine day for the Ahmad family. Laughter could be heard from the Ahmed house as a kid who looked about 14 years old left his house and onwards towards the Army Public School. Uzair was happy-for his young soul held hope and excitement towards the idea of attending school and the prospect of learning. Uzair walked towards his school a million thoughts running through his head, and so did his siblings. Each one of them passed an old lady on their way. “Be blessed my kids and don’t lose hope”, she said. They all smiled through it and took her blessing with a warm heart. The chime sounded and the school had yet again started. With teachers ready to spread their wisdom among the leaders of the future and the respective little leaders settling in for a day of education.

The words of the Holy Book dominated the scene as the students and teachers alike asked for the blessings of their Lord. It seemed like only seconds after that the school seemed to have traded places with a war zone. When Uzair had first seen the men, he had smiled upon them. Dressed in the attire of the soldiers theses monsters had fooled the eyes of all that had seen them with respect. No one had seen that coming, not even the old lady that smiled at the various kids outside the school. Taking out their weapons the terrorists started shooting at precious lives. Cries of the little leaders faded into the background as the jar of guns sliced through humanity. Tiny tears hit the ground that was already a crimson grave. The hearts of teachers prayed for mercy but their mouths couldn’t bow down to the viscous beasts that reigned through the school halls. Even the fate shed tears of blood that day. Though, not all was lost, where humanity was questioned heroes rose among the martyred.

Uzair Ahmed to the inattentive eye would be another mischievous kid. But to the 13 bullets he took and the friends he saved he was a fighter, one who didn’t believe in giving up. For what seemed like painful decades the slaughter of innocence continued but then came the moment of silence. Allah looked upon His little heroes had made 144 promises that day. No one had to take revenge for Uzair, he had his Lord and he was right next to him. The Lord had smiled on humanity, it didn’t wave a white flag that day, and it was reborn.

It would not be wrong to say that 16th December 2014 is marked with destruction and blood. The day is pronounced as “Black Day”. This date is glaring with terror. This day the stand-bearers of evil tried to blow the candle of peace. But, the holders of tranquility stopped their demonic plans. On this day rose 144 martyrs. Their sacrifices for peace will never be forgotten. Allah will grant them a heavenly gift in their afterlife. Their blood will not go to waste. Their sacrifice for their beloved country will never be forgotten. Their will come a day when peace and seclusion will spread through Pakistan. Pakistan will rise. It will stand among the developed countries. Its citizens will be educated. People will be free from the coward tortures of enemy. This nation will fight against these brutal enemies with iron hands. These demons will be smashed and the flag of peace will be triumphant.

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